About me

Hi everybody,
I am Sabato Colella and I am a destinational-reputational expert with a long experience in tourism.

Many are scared to visit my city. This might  happen,  if you decided to visit the city without a local “Helper”.

Don’t be afraid, and let me be your “guide”!  Let’s see how :

  • Need a Hotel recommendation ?
  • Dying to eat the best Pizza in town or dining in a typical restaurant?
  • Need to plan your tour in Napoli from scratch ?
  • Wish to have a private coach or rent a small van ?
  • Prefer to have someone constantly with you while touring the city, someone able to show all about it?

You got to the right place and met the right guy !

Contact me for this and many other info.  


images Email: sabato.colella@gmail.com
unnamed Instagramhttp://instagram.com/sabatocolella

Or fill up the following form:



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